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Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts




As lifelong yachting enthusiasts, the lack of mobility options in our industry frustrated us. So, we took action. 

Discovering that 200 million people have a physical disability, and 75 million of which are wheelchair bound, left us staggered. Realizing the scarcity of options for those seeking the seas, we made it our mission to create a world where the unmatched joy of yachting can be experienced by everyone. Our purpose to bridge this gap stems from an ingrained belief that anyone, regardless of physical circumstance, should fulfill their dream.

Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts
Cohh Yachts' sea initiative
Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts
Finding immediate solutions wasn’t easy. But thanks to our planning and engineering team working tirelessly, our breakthrough vessel designs ensure an authentic yachting experience for those who can’t. Until now.

With the industry failing to undergo the various challenges to create accessibility ships, Cohh Yachts felt compelled to bring a plethora of options. Using revolutionary building techniques and state-of-the-art facilities, we are proud to bring the first line of fully accessible yachts to the world.

Sea InitiativE

Sometimes, it's more than physical limitation. Introducing our initiative, Wellabled, designed in 2012 to help the mobility challenged from modest backgrounds experience the splendor of the seas.

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Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts

COHH YACHTS Wheelchair Accessible Yachts

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