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Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts


Accessible Sea


Cohh Yachts is an industry pioneer, leading the innovation of pleasure boats, yachts and vessels, designed and made exclusively for those with mobility challenges.

Over 200 million people live with a form of physical impairment, but that shouldn’t mean they can’t enjoy yachting. That’s why Cohh Yachts are made specifically for those who have physical disabilities - to the very highest of standards. Making boating accessible, safe and enjoyable to everyone.

Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts
Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts

Benefitting from years of engineering expertise, Cohh Yachts creates vessels that offer a safe and welcoming environment which are easily accessible for all to enjoy.

We are passionate about bringing the empathic joy of the sea to all. Working in direct response to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Cohh Yachts offer a unique and luxurious boating experience that benefits from modern technological solutions.

Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts
Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts

We have reimagined what yacht-building looks like from the ground up. Using a mixture of old and new, Cohh Yachts are meticulously designed with accessibility in mind. It's what we do.

On a Cohh Yacht everything is thought out to ensure that your experience is special. Offering a variety of stunning unique layouts and carefully crafted amenities with accessibility driven elegance, you’ll see why we’re different.

Cohh Yachts - wheelchair accessible yachts


COHH YACHTS Wheelchair Accessible Yachts

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